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We're flexible. We are a vertically integrated source of supply with the flexibility and reliability of an independent. Our entire operation is focused around being able to adjust to fit your packaging needs. The facility is set up to make packages in a range of sizes from very small to extremely large and is capable of providing a variety of materials and printing options. We're able to provide:

  • Quantities from 20 to 500,000 

  • Plain, 1 color, 2 color and some limited 3 color cartons in house, while utilizing our partner relationships for additional multi-color

  • Multiple grades of material in both ect and mullen in E,B,C,BC and limited triple wall.

It's an ever-evolving operation. Every day we innovate to meet our customer’s needs. Work with us to see what we can do. 

Made to make you look good.

Interstate Packaging

Interstate Packaging

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